World up [Cameo]

Skip a rope [Henson Cargill]

Folsom prison blues [Johnny Cash]

Spooky [Classics IV]

Nervous breakdown [Eddie Cochran]

(Get your kicks on) Route '66 [Nat King Cole]

The ballad of Cat Ballou [Nat King Cole]

Drug train [Cramps]

Goo goo muck [Cramps]

Sunshine of your love [Cream]

Born on the bayou [Creedence Clearwater Revival]

Have you ever seen the rain? [Creedence Clearwater Revival]

Injured bird [Vic Chesnutt]

Sponge [Vic Chesnutt]

Pleasure is melting like chocolate...
My blue ribbon gumption is gone...
All my gravy must have soaked into something...

And the world...
The fifthy steps, the cold concrete,
the phony earth below my feet,
the ancient odor of the streets...
Yes, the world it is a sponge...

And when the crisis passes, when the coast is clear,
I'll be buffed down to a liquid and the world it is a sponge...
Throughout this entire ugly outing
I've been mumbling the convex of what I should be shouting
but I'll soon be silent,
you'll soon hear nothing cause the world it is a sponge...

Trout [Neneh Cherry]